The Challenge

Everyday, thousands of laptops, phones, tablets and other gadgets are purchased here in Nigeria. Everyday too, thousands of such devices get missing or stolen. When these devices are lost, there’s hardly a way to recover them or to prevent them from being sold when stolen. When a criminal knows he can hardly sell a stolen device he won’t use, he’ll hardly steal it.


The mission of this project is to prevent theft of electronics, devices and also eradicate the selling of stolen items. RAKO is committed towards improving values and standards in our clients’ security services as we devote ourselves and our considerable resources towards   delivering acceptable services, with peerless dedication to client’s satisfaction.

The Solution

The system is designed to acknowledge the original ownership of the property and increase chances of recovery if stolen. The Properties that RAKO secures are as follows; Laptops, TVs, Home Theater, Computers with any device with identified serial numbers. The need for improving standard and values in Corporate Security Practices and Theft Management Servicing in this present generation cannot be over-emphasized.


The vision is to make sure that people’s property is been secured and also give room for people to live a fear free life with their devices around the world at large. We also look forward in the nearness future to work with the Nigeria Arm forces to apprehend criminals with the help of our technologies and security detecting devices to track the stolen items and the suspect fast and easy. We aimed at transcending the expectation of our clients for the satisfaction of business need through the provisions of qualitative security service thereby creating value for all stakeholders.