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IPCD TECHNOLOGY SERVICES NIG LTD is a Nigerian / INTERNATIONAL company which was incorporated in 2017 under the Federal Republic of Nigeria at CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISION with the Registration No: RC:1403924.

IPCD TECHNOLOGY SERVICES NIG LTD is very reliable dependable flexible, adaptable and has performed excellent well in the ICT and Industry earning goodwill in term of efficiency, responsibility and profitable right through our completed Projects and current professional engagements challenges; we have established excellent relationship with our client and insatiable quest for excellence qualities. From the foregoing, we are confident that our work and expertise can stand up to any test.

Also with the support of member of the board of Directors, IPCD TECHNOLOGY SERVICES NIG LTD has consistently maintained excellent services.
Our Best way of working is teamwork so that we can met the needs of our clients.Our Motto on how we work No Staff Is Left Behind.


Our vision is to deliver to our highly esteemed client outstanding services in our area of specialization. We aspire to provide our clients services and result beyond their expectation. with the aim of improving quality and reducing cost. Furthermore, the vision of the company is to ensure that management and staff of the company stay close to its key market and customer in order to properly understand the present and future needs of these customer by, Delivery friendly services consistent through well trained and motivation employees.

Searching continuously for improvement through working with international companies that are leader in innovation and application of the best technology. Creating a leadership style through the group which encourages respect for individuals, teamwork and identification with customers. Working closing and harmoniously with the host community in all area of our operation and ensure safety and clean environment.


To genuinely meet our customer’s satisfaction with tenacity of purpose and to remain a prime provider of quality product, utilities and services in our effort to ensure goodwill, guarantee continuous patronage from all clients and also to maintain and occupy a leading role in our areas of interest and to set standard in the Oil & Gas, ICT, Civil Engineering and Manufacturing Industries. With the help of Technology Machines and equipment.

Why choose us?

With a track record of prompt project delivery and efficient solution provision, there could hardly be a better choice.


Our portfolio

We are experts at what we do, so with your project in our hands you can rest assured that the best possible results will be achieved


What we do?

We are a dynamic and business focused ICT firm. We boast a unique set of skills and competences as required for our clients.

How we work

We understand the impact delays can have on a business. Because of this, we deliver projects promptly, not compromising on quality.