Network Solutions

The network solutions we offer consist of small, medium and even wide area network solutions. We cover the following aspects of networking and even more:

  1. Structured Cabling(Copper and Fibre Optic Cabling)
  2. Routing and Switching
  3. Network Security
Structured cabling (Copper and Fibre Optic Cabling)

This includes structured LAN cabling infrastructure, robust and highly available network solutions foundation. Our LAN cabling infrastructure practice is as old as the company itself.

At our disposal are highly experienced professionals who are certified  engineers. We design and build structured LAN Cabling infrastructure including horizontal and vertical orientations and varieties of media – copper and fibre.

Site Preparation

As a fundamental component of any structured cabling installation, proper site preparation is appropriate as a means of ensuring that certain infrastructural provisions are in place before computer systems are installed. Apart from ensuring a structured computer installation, ease of maintenance, troubleshooting, continuous support/administration, aesthetics are other important considerations.

The purpose of site preparation to provide all the infrastructural facilities required for the installation of the computer network.

Administration Subsystem

This is the connection point between the horizontal wiring and the network active devices and the backbone wiring. This includes the SYSTIMAX 19″ Insulation Displacement Connectors CATEGORY 6 Patch Panel with 8-pin RJ45 EIA 568B ports and SYSTIMAX stranded CATEGORY 6 patch cords – minimum 1 meters. The number of outlets will determine the number and port count of the CATEGORY 6 Patch Panels. This also includes Fiber patch panels and the wiring rack/cabinet which can be either wall mount or standing with options of cooling/ventilation fan

Cabling Architecture For Data Center

Cabling architectures lay the infrastructural foundation for data center network solutions. Though sometimes overlooked, physical layer connectivity is a necessity that requires careful planning and consideration when choosing a cabling architecture. There are several types of cabling architectures found in the data center; direct-connect zone-distribution, and top-of-rack (ToR). Each architecture offers advantages over the others depending on DC function, uptime tier level, growth (planned and unplanned), and equipment density. A “one-size-fits-all” approach to each of these architectures also may not fit everyone’s needs and thus hybrid approaches are  commonly used.

Cable and Connectors-

  • Fiber Optic Connectors
  • Copper cable connector
Routing and Switching

Routers and Switches form the core network solutions foundation building elements. Switches, with power-over-Ethernet capability enables wireless access points, IP phones to receive power without separate power devices, making network solutions less complex and easy to manage and reducing power consumption. Aside the gigabit data throughput capabilities that these switches can deliver,
they also come embedded with security features providing secure access and data privacy capabilities! We sell and deploy routers from different OEMs such as Cisco, HP, Juniper, etc. These routers come with innovative data/voice/video traffic routing, security and WAN optimization capabilities. You can be sure of the genuineness of any products you purchase from us.

Network Security

Network security is a very important consideration when planning a network. We do not leave the security of your network and data to chance when deploying. We have a clear understanding of the negative impact a security breach can have on a business and their data.

Our certified security experts would ensure that your network is protected against well-known and less-known security threats.